Dip into Royal Dutch Shell at these levels

Dip into Royal Dutch Shell at these levels

Royal Dutch Shell has pulled back from its January high of 2400 and offers an attractive entry level says Marcus Bullus trading director at MB Capital. Shell is a FTSE 100 stalwart and also one of the UK’s top dividend paying stocks keeping it in demand for investors seeking an income. Fourth quarter 2016 CCS earnings attributable to shareholders excluding identified items were $1.8 billion compared with $1.6 billion for the fourth quarter 2015, an increase of 14%.

With the takeover of BG Group, Royal Dutch Shell is becoming increasingly focused on natural gas production, a growing source of production to combat more emission heavy energy methods like coal. This shows not online Royal Dutch Shell’s efficiency but its future growth and cash generation potential. Coupled with Royal Dutch Shell’s strong dividend, this makes the company a strong investment at the present time.

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