We help our clients to grow their assets through our stockbroker’s independent, respected advice. What makes us unique is that we tailor our service to you, the client, enabling you to get the individual strategy that best suits your needs and in-turn achieve not only the right balance between risk and reward, but also the right balance between your investments and lifestyle. MB Capital was founded with the aim of exceeding the standards expected by investors.

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Here at MB Capital, we don’t believe your life is categorised as low, medium or high risk. That’s why our investment philosophy refuses to put you in a band and tell you what you should be doing with your money. We believe every client is unique and that their preferences and needs may not be the same as any other valued client at our company. This is why we do not pigeonhole clients but discuss all of the available options and create an investment that ticks all of the boxes for you.


As a client with MB Capital you will have an allocated Personal Investment Adviser who will be your primary point of contact. The duties of your Investment Adviser are not limited and we encourage all clients to take full advantage of this aspect of the service. We pride ourselves on the close relationships our Investment Advisers have with our clients. Through building this personal relationship we will fully understand and help achieve your individual investment objectives.


As a client you will have access to all of our investment research which is regularly published in the national press. Our research covers all areas of the market. MB Capital also provide advice on the timing of buying and selling into or out of positions from short term trading ideas to a macroeconomic overview. This incorporates constructing a portfolio of conventional Equities, Funds, Gilts and Bonds. Our advice is tailored and designed for each individual client to match their investment objectives and attitude to risk by utilising the expertise of our Investment Advisers to give a streamlined, proactive investment strategy.


At present prospective clients are searching for growth that exceeds their current returns. We take it upon ourselves to understand the individual needs of each and every client in order to assess and achieve the suitable level of risk and reward.


Our Investment Advisers are able to advise on an array of products and services to ensure your needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded.
As a result of our client based focus, our research and analysis is highly sought after by various media companies. To see our latest quotes go to MB Capital News.