Discretionary Management

Under our discretionary management service, all day-to-day decisions, execution, management and administration is taken care of by our teams of professionals.

Our investment committee have the knowledge and expertise to carefully select the right assets and closely monitor to ensure we achieve the desired result. The team’s meticulous approach to portfolio management allows our clients to take comfort in knowing they are in the right hands.

Committed to the principles of achieving the best possible outcome whilst managing risk, we have created a Managed Portfolio Service consisting of five risk weighted portfolios.

Managed Portfolio Service

Our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) consists of five risk-weighted portfolios from ultra-cautious to speculative. The portfolios are managed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals with many years of experience in investing for clients based on the different attitudes to risk and meeting clients’ financial goals.

The model portfolios can be accessed through investing in a general investment account with cash savings, an ISA wrapper, or personal pension.


Although our Model Portfolio Service will be suitable for a large proportion of investors, we understand that one size does not necessarily fit all. Therefore, under our discretionary management we offer a bespoke portfolio service whereby we will tailor the investments to your individual profile, taking into account many factors including interests, beliefs, ethos, strategy, geographic location, risk appetite, objectives, age, income requirements, future plans, and more. A bespoke portfolio service is suitable for high-net-worth individuals or corporate entities with specific requirements or goals.

Advisory Stockbroking

Our Advisory Service gives you the opportunity to have the final say on which assets are purchased for your portfolio and at which level they are sold.

This is a comprehensive stockbroking service with a personal qualified adviser at hand to assist you in making investment choices.

At the point your adviser feels there is a suitable opportunity that meets your profile, they will present the opportunity with clear reasons for the recommendation. You then have the choice to go ahead with the investment, or not. There is no charge for the advice should you decide not to proceed with the recommendation.

We provide on-going advice on the design and construction of the portfolio based on the pre-investment framework completed by our back-office team. This framework will act as the blueprint for your investment strategy and the approach your personal adviser will take with your investments. Your investment horizon, financial objectives and risk appetite will all be taken into careful consideration and based on these factors we will set sensible parameters for the investment activity. The Advisory Service is suitable for investors who like to maintain some control of their investment capital, or investors who would simply feel more comfortable with a professional by their side.

ESG Investing

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, with each factor combined to determine whether an individual investment would be suitable to integrate into a responsible investing portfolio. Investors have a wide variety of options and strategies when it comes to investing their capital and over the past few years we have seen responsible/ethical investing become an increasingly popular avenue for investors who are interested in developing portfolios or having a section of their portfolio within responsible investments.






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