An Introduction

Through the personalised advisory service at MB Capital, we are able to cater for all of your share dealing and investment needs. Our advisory service is global and covers all areas of the market from large FTSE 100 companies to US Blue Chips.

MB Capital Advisory Shares

Why choose us?

Here at MB Capital, we don’t believe your life is categorised as low, medium or high risk. That’s why our investment philosophy refuses to put you in a band and tell you what you should be doing with your money. We believe every client is unique and that their preferences and needs may not be the same as any other valued client at our company. This is why we do not pigeonhole clients but discuss all of the available options and create an investment that ticks all of the boxes for you.

This is your money, you need something better than an off the shelf standardised investment package and that is why at MB Capital we provide a service that is committed to exceeding standards.

Whether you’re an individual looking for your next investment opportunity, or a trustee of a global charity; our unbiased, unconstrained and unique approach will ensure your investments are an extension of you as a person. We are here to support and help you manage your bespoke investment portfolio that is tailored with your individual aspirations at the forefront of decisions.

This is formed and developed from our ever-growing understanding of your investment goals and preferences alongside proactive analysis of the financial markets and in fact, whatever investment objectives you have, however much you choose to invest, we will go above and beyond to bring you interesting and exciting investment opportunities that provide greater potential to increase your wealth.

We look forward to delivering our unique service to you.

The MB Capital client experience

When it comes to investment objectives we know no two clients are the same. It is this fact that drives the unique outlook of our individual investment philosophy.

Our bespoke investment process is driven by our relationship with you. This ensures your needs are met and your objectives are tailored to. We are committed to building and preserving your wealth from day one and throughout the years to come. We start every relationship fully committed to forming a long-term partnership. Together we can meet your objectives with a strong investment process, focused performance and a high level of personal service.

You’ll be working directly with your investment manager so you can influence or dictate your investment as often as you wish. You are fully in control and at the helm of every investment decision. We want to work with you, advising and supporting you every step of the way but we will not do anything without your permission and we have no interest in trying to pull rank because of our expertise. Our relationships our built on trust and in order to gain trust we first need you to be comfortable and fully understand our processes before we start investing.

You will have secure online access to your valuations and performance reports. We will also be fully monitoring your trades and with a close relationship with your named investment manager giving you their direct telephone number and email you’ll always be kept fully up-to-date and have the opportunity to touch base and have questions promptly answered whenever they pop up.

Our investment team enjoy working closely with our clients, last year it was the most widely reported perk of their role given in feedback to our Human Resources department so please feel free to utilise them as much you would like.

What does our Advisory Share dealing service provide?

MB Capital offers a bespoke relationship that extends into international equities, fixed interest securities and collective investments such as unit trusts.

You will have a dedicated investment manager who can discuss individual investment ideas alongside fundamental macro-economic overviews and trends.

Our independent ownership structure ensures that we are able to provide unbiased views and in-turn can help you select the most suitable investments from across the globe to match your investment objectives.

The end result is that you are in charge of your own personal portfolio that you understand and are fully happy with. If there is any change in the market or your investment objectives you can react to these safe in the knowledge that you will be working first hand with your investment manager.

We enjoy working with clients on a one to one basis and value your unique outlook on life and the investments that go hand in hand with that. We look forward to working with you to get the most out of your investments. We enjoy seeing clients reach the goals that they set out from an initial meeting with us discussing their ambitions and we are humbled to be a part of the process going forward.

Risk of Shares

  • Share value is driven by the perceived value that the stock market and investors have for a stock linked to the supply and demand for it at any particular time in the market
  • Company performance, both current and future, can affect the share value
  • Shares are the least stable of the four asset classes. These are:
    • Stocks or equities
    • Fixed Income or bonds
    • Money market or cash equivalents
    • Real estate or other tangible assets
  • The value of shares can go up and down more than any other type of investment
  • The higher the risk the greater the reward may be but the higher the risk the more likely it is not to be a successful investment
  • Share dealing can be high risk particularly if you invest all of your money in one company. The worst case scenario is that the company is unable to pay their debts and you could lose some if not all your money that you invested

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