Ethos is everything

We are an independent, private client wealth manager, founded in 2009 and created to take advantage of the opportunities that arose as a result of market reforms following the Stock Market crash of 2008.


The founding members of MB Capital draw on their expertise to help clients find their way in an ever-changing investment environment. MB Capital provide a relationship-based advisory stockbroking service to investors who want a more traditional, reliable, personal approach to investment planning. We accomplish this by building in-depth relationships with clear and transparent strategies that enable us to work with private clients, charities, trusts, pension funds and corporations.


It is fundamental to our philosophy to be accessible and approachable to all of our clients with the same high level of service. We know the best service comes from the understanding built from a two way relationship. The importance in quality of service and fostering investor relationships is something the founders of MB Capital have made their principal aim.